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Lab Members

CONE LAB students measuring each other's heads for E.E.G. training in Summer 2021

Lab director

Benjamin Zinszer
Visiting Assistant Professor in Psychology
Swarthmore College

Senior thesis researchers

Anna Miller | Mai Miura

Student researchers

Sumin Byun | Colin DeLaney | Adrian Ferguson | Shinz Jo Ooi | Madeleine Wang | Vic Wen

Lab Alumni

David Akinsooto | Ricky WonJoon Choi | Jino Chough | Jonah Covitz | Fen Duarte | Rebecca Flack | Kate Hart | Gaby Ma | Selena She | Elizabeth Rosenthal | Ping Wen | Christopher Haochen Zhao

Collaborating labs

Bayet Lab @ American Univ. | BOLD Lab @ Univ. Toronto | Emberson Lab @ Univ. British Columbia | ERP Lab @ Swarthmore | LLAMB Lab @ Haskins Laboratories | Llanos Lab @ UT-Austin | State Key Laboratory for Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning @ Beijing Normal Univ. | Q Lab @ Northeastern Univ.

photograph of a chipmunk running along a stone wall

David Akinsooto

photograph of David Akinsooto in front of window and a decorated treeDavid Akinsooto is a Neuroscience and Economics double major in the Class of 2023 from Pittstown, New Jersey. He is a Premed student on the Swarthmore Mens lacrosse team. David loves to read in his free time, relax with friends and family, and exercising.

Sumin Byun

photograph of Sumin Byun feeding a carrot to some deerSumin is a Neuroscience and Statistics double major (class of 2025) from South Korea. After graduating, she hopes to pursue a graduate degree in Neuroscience/Statistics. Sumin loves to dance (choreography and ballet) and likes to read in her free time.

Ricky WonJoon Choi

photograph of Ricky Choi on a hillside in the forestRicky Choi (he/him) is a Psychology and Political Science double major in the class of 2023. He is interested in causal reasoning, language acquisition, and the application of computational models to simulate and better understand those topics. After graduating, Ricky hopes to pursue a graduate degree in developmental psychology and continue investigating causal and language development. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and lounging with his two cats, Kyky and Kenma.

Jino Chough

photograph of Jino Chough and orchidsJino Chough is a neuroscience major, English literature minor at Swarthmore College, class of 2022. He is interested in psychology and physics, and enjoys reading, playing video games, and eating Korean fried chicken.

Jonah Covitz

photograph of Jonah Covitz riding a bicycle in front of the Golden Gate bridgeJonah Covitz is a Psychology and Economics double major in the class of 2022. He is interested in decision science and how to apply cognitive neuroscience of language approaches to this field. Jonah is a long jumper on the men's track and field team and plays saxophone in the school jazz ensemble.

Colin DeLaney

photograph of Colin Delaney standing in front of a colorful flower gardenColin DeLaney is a neuroscience major in the class of 2025 from Syracuse, NY. He is a premedical student and competes for the college's cross country and track & field teams. He is interested in employing neuroimaging techniques to study developmental disorders. Colin enjoys singing and spending time with his pets (2 cats, 1 dog, 1 horse) in his free time.

Fen Duarte

photograph of Fen Duarte holding a tray of cookies, fresh from the ovenFen Duarte is a Psychology major in the class of 2023, interested in statistical learning and language acquisition. Fen is a foilist on the Swarthmore Club Fencing Team, an active member of Swarthmore's Psi Phi (Not a Frat) club, and enjoyer of LARP. Fen enjoys board games, hiking, musical theater, and creative writing.

Adrian Ferguson

photograph of Adrian Ferguson with trees in the backgroundAdrian (he/they) is a prospective psychology and Russian major in the class of 2026. They are interested in the potential overlaps between the two subjects, as well as clinical psychology. In his free time, Adrian loves to read, spend time with friends, and learning French.

Rebecca Flack

photograph of Rebecca Flack in front of a black wallRebecca Flack is a Chinese Major, Global Studies Minor, and pre-med student in the class of 2023. After graduating she hopes to pursue a career in global medicine. In addition, Rebecca enjoys taking dance classes, giving campus tours to prospective students, running with her dogs, reading fantasy novels, and listening to podcasts.

Kate Hart

photograph of Kate Hart near a tree with a village in the background Kate Hart is a Psychology major with a Cognitive Science minor in the class of 2023 from Pittsburgh, PA. She is specifically interested in psychopathology. Kate is also a part of the Swarthmore Softball team. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, family, and her cat.

Gaby Ma

photograph of Gaby Ma in front of white wallGaby Ma is currently a sophomore ('23) from California. She is a psychology major and part of the Swarthmore swim team. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking with her dog, and cooking.

Anna Miller

photograph of Anna Miller on a mountainAnna Miller (she/her) is a Neuroscience and Global Health (Global Studies) double major in the class of 2024 from Seattle, Washington. She is interested in international health, particularly in how malnutrition affects cognitive function and development, as well as how health decisions are made. Anna is on the Swarthmore women's tennis team and enjoys painting, traveling and mountain climbing.

Mai Miura

photograph of Mai standing in front of a white wallMai Miura is a December 2023 finisher majoring in Psychology and minoring in Gender and Sexuality Studies. She is from Tokyo, Japan and is interested in bilingual language processing. In her free time, Mai enjoys listening to music and playing volleyball.

Shinz Jo Ooi

photograph of Jo standing in front of a green tree and a gray stone buildingJo (Shinz Jo Ooi) is a prospective Computer Science and Linguistics major in the class of 2027. She is from Penang, Malaysia, and is involved in the Phoenix campus newspaper. Outside of Swarthmore, she enjoys exploring new food spots, reading fiction and going to the beach.

Elizabeth Rosenthal

photograph of Elizabeth Rosenthal standing at a scenic overlook over the oceanElizabeth Rosenthal (’23) is a Psychology and Biology double major from New York City. She is especially interested in pediatric neuropsychology. In her free time, she enjoys reading mystery novels, baking, and playing violin.

Selena She

photograph of Selena She on a hilltop above a citySelena She is a prospective Math and Cognitive Science double major in the class of 2023. She's an international student from Shenzhen, China, and part of the Haverford cross country and track & field team. In her spare time, she likes hiking, filming, and riding roller coasters.

Madeleine Wang

photograph of MadeleineMadeleine Wang is a prospective Neuroscience and Statistics major in the class of 2026. Madeleine is from Long Island, New York, but has also lived in Ithaca, New York, Richmond, Virginia, and Taipei, Taiwan. At Swarthmore, she enjoys dancing with Rhythm N’ Motion, playing in various chamber ensembles and orchestras, and exploring Philadelphia’s coffee shops.

Vic Wen

photograph of Vic Wen standing on a sidewalk with tall green shrubsVic Wen '26 (they/them) is a prospective psychology and linguistics double major. They’re interested in how language influences the mind and the brain, and after college they hope to pursue a graduate degree in psycholinguistics. In their free time, Vic enjoys learning languages, playing and writing music, and hanging out with their cats.

Ping Wen

photograph of Ping Wen or Wendy in front of a white wallWendy (Ping Wen) is an intended Cognitive Science and Math double major at Haverford College ('23). She lived in Beijing the longest, but she enjoys traveling and has resided in many areas around the globe. Moreover, she is in love with progressive rock, dogs and wolves, colors and harmonies, and learning about people's value systems, cognitive styles, and personalities.

Christopher Haochen Zhao

photograph of Chris standing in front of a tree and buildingChristopher Haochen Zhao is a prospective Psychology and Economics major sophomore at Swarthmore College. Originally from Beijing, China, he now mostly lives in Boston, MA. He is interested in discovering the psychological aspect of language processing. He is also a member of Swarthmore's mock trial team. In his free time, Chris enjoys studying Spanish, discovering good music, and playing soccer and hockey with friends.

Benjamin Zinszer

photograph of Benjamin Zinszer and his dog PennyBenjamin Zinszer is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at Swarthmore College and director of the CONE LAB. He earned his PhD in Psychology at Penn State University, studying the effects of cross-language interaction in Chinese-English bilinguals. His current work explores linguistic categories, neural semantic representations, and language development in both monolingual and bilingual learners. His personal website is